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Smink Studio.

Dutch designer, Marianne Smink celebrates the inherent imperfections of handmade work in her screen printed tiles.

It’s about working together beautifully. With simple geometric shapes and 30+ glaze colours, Smink Studio is a screen printed tile atelier for designers and architects.

Marianne and her team work with clients to imagine and visualise each tile installation before it is ordered. They help clients choose the colours and tiles to fit each space and then create a unique layout design for each project.

Marianne has worked with New Terracotta from the very start in 2013. She found inspiration in the artisan production processes of the factory and the commitment to handmade beauty. At the same time she helped develop the way that the factory itself feels the screen printing.

A background in fashion industry print design informs Marianne’s simple but striking work and her Dutch design genes have found a natural home in the ethical, handmade and zero-waste production process of New Terracotta.

Smink Studio Collection.

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