New Terracotta

Inside the Atelier and the Pottery Studio

Extraordinary level of customization and collaboration.

Our in-house team of designers, ceramic experts and experienced craftsmen allow us to collaborate
with leading architects and designers on their spectacular projects.

Listening and learning

We begin by listening to our client’s creative vision, taking the time to understand their fundamental needs and desires, yet seeking to push the boundaries of their imagination with our knowledge of what is possible.

Our approach is truly collaborative and experimental with a
clear delight in the process of working with others.


New Terracotta has considerable expertise and
experience with tiles in listed buildings.
We have delivered bespoke tiles to palaces,
monuments, churches and private homes for
projects involving very specific requests and
requirements concerning quality, appearance
and dimensions.

Hand Painted Murals

Designs are created on paper either by hand or
by computer and transferred onto tile through
the artistic application by our highly skilled tile
Using a variety of brush techniques, the glazes
are applied which when fired create stunning
individual pieces of ceramic art with
tremendous depth of colour and character.

Artwork Commisions

Mould making is a laborious and long process.
It also requires expertise, experience and
extreme carefulness in the handing of
materials, which are often in their liquid state.
Using modern tools, fine hands and the talent
of our artists, we create bespoke 3-dimensional
tiles and contemporary sculptures for those who
appreciate premium artistry.

The importance of the right white

The most important colour choice we make is the white we bring
to our work. The white we choose determines to a great degree
what our experience of colouring will be.

Lab & Workshops

We do not limit ourselves to offering tiles. We hold open courses and
workshops designed to share our knowledge of materials and
techniques and to preserve historical legacy.

Ceramic Tiles as a Medium

Ceramics have been used for decorative murals for many centuries
due to the inherent properties of the finished product.
Ceramics are moisture resistant, fade resistant and hard wearing,
hence why murals and decorative tiles have been used for adding the
finishing touches to buildings both internally and externally.

The plasticity of clay

Only an ingredient so malleable can make possible the high level
of freedom within the project. No two pieces are exactly alike.
The irregular edges, the corrugated surface and the small imperfections
are the character that makes each piece unique.

Bespoke Tiles

We encourage our clients to explore their own creativity and commission
a unique piece that is perfectly tailored to their personal style.

Bespoke Volumetrics

Clay gives the freedom to create something intense, raw, over the top.
It allows piling things up, breaking things down and making mistakes.

Have a project in mind?
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