New Terracotta

We are makers of handmade tiles and limited edition ceramics in a human-scale factory, neither too big nor too small.

We strongly believe that people prefer handmade products.

We want to connect with people who are culturally attuned, unique, environmentally and socially aware.

At New Terracotta we are devoted to making every single tile we produce a truly handmade experience.

We are dedicated to create a new kind of product, one that balances the cutting edge with a sense of authenticity.
As simple as combining the vocabulary of formats and the palette of colours.


220 sizes and shapes catalogued.
More than 200 bespoke formats developed.


230 colours catalogued.
More than 1400 bespoke glazes developed.

Eclectic Collections

Our collections reflect our commitment to craft, colour, simplicity and innovation.

For us it doesn’t really make
sense to talk about trends.
We see our tiles as exquisite,
daring, fun and exclusive.

Creative Freedom.
We will continue exploring the boundaries of contemporary ceramic, through a creative and strong curatorial vision.


A curated selection of projects that have helped to define the materiality of our tiles.

Sustainable Thinking. As a company founded craftsmanshift ethics, always been to tread as lightly as we can, with a firm commitment to quality, excellence and integrity. Our approach to sustainability is guided by the areas in which we can have the greatest social and environmental impact.


The editorial project of New Terracotta. Essays, stories and interviews about products, projects, events, people and things we like.