New Terracotta

The collection features 188 subtle, luminous, semi-transparent, deep, metallic glazes. Each of them has a historical and artistic background.

There may be some variation in the colours and textures of the actual product from what appears on the screen.
Click on the colour for glaze information.

B301Burnt Siena
B110Antique Rose Velvet
Giraffe Pink
B011Flamingo Pink
B010Flamingo Baby
B103Pink Ballet
B101Innocent Pink
B037Soft Lilac
B150Fresh Salmon
Delicate Peach
B113Frozen Margarita
B204Giraffe Yellow
B092Lemon Tart
B049Pikachu Yellow
B001Yellow Yolk
B053Saffron Yellow
B054Creme Caramel
B057Brown Beer Bottle
B096Desert Bisque
Water Bisque
B059Sand Bisque
B025Oyster Mushroom White
B020Vanilla Cream
B002Eggshell White
B090Penguin White
B202Giraffe Print
B190Transparent White
B091Minimal White
B042Ice Grey White
B043French Grey
B044Divine Grey
B029Elephant Grey
Charcoal Grey
B012Jet Set Black
B705So Sweet Teal
B017Midnight Indigo
B014Chicago Cobalt Blue
B069Electric Blue
Lavender Violet Blue
B061Transparent Violet
B088Tempest Blue
B083Ocean Surf
B055Blue Sky
B065Misty Blue
B151Blue Fronteira
B051Blue Dolphin
B152Blue Provence
B071Paradise Turquoise
B074Emerald Lake
B075Ultramarine Sea
B039Shallow Waters
B067Spearmint Spa
B068Crystal Blue Waters
B206Giraffe Blue
B210Giraffe Green
B022Mint Macaron
B618Amazon Green
B608Green Delight
B600Green Guru
B628Khaki Green
B046Green Mojito
B038Neon Green
B625Olive Green
B040Forest Green
B089Tempest Green
B700British Racing Green


Treasure colours
New Terracotta has its core strength in the wide knowledge of colours. We are always ahead of different colour expressions.
A colour reaches its maximum when the pigment has been developed to the highest emotional resonance for that colour. There is so much more to our work than fine raw materials and high pigment loads.

At New Terracotta, we are forging together the right balance of pigment, glaze, history, science and emotion.

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