New Terracotta

Bespoke Volumetrics

We are artisans working with clay. Sometimes, we push boundaries and create somethings.
Clay gives the freedom to create something intense, raw, over the top. It allows piling things up, breaking things
down and making mistakes. There is no need for tools or machinery to manipulate the material.

All it takes is clay, hands and fire. We have it all.

Totem in Pink Red
Yellow NEW
XXL in Forest Green
Brick and Aqua Jars
Bisque St.
Brown Beer Bottles
Giraffe and Acid Totem
Kyoto Yellow Series
The 3 Bottles
St. Barths
Burnt Crochet Plate
Paulo Calado
Álvaro Afonso
The managers of a Service Factory

Everyone in our organisation must recognize that our factory doesn’t produce products alone; it also produces a blend of services integral to each product. It is this integrated view of products and service we call the Service Factory.

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