New Terracotta

The collection features 188 subtle, luminous, semi-transparent, deep, metallic glazes. Each of them has a historical and artistic background.

There may be some variation in the colours and textures of the actual product from what appears on the screen.
Click on the colour for glaze information.

S001Red Chili Pepper
S010Orange Caviar
S008Acid Yellow
S018Fresh Wasabi
S032Yaya Carrot
S050Red Tomato Delicious
S320Pretty Red
S030So Eggplant
S304Du Vin Rouge
S380Red Cobra
S381Orange Cobra
S382Yellow Cobra
S383Funky Mint Cobra
S384Spearmint Splash Cobra
S385Violet Sunset Cobra
S390Blue Gaudi
S393Atlantic Blue Gaudi
S391Green Gaudi
S392Lime Gaudi
S394Caribbean Green Gaudi
S340Skinny Zucchini
S341Caramel Spaghetti
S395Salted Caramel Gaudi
S396Lemon Sorbet Gaudi
S397Dame Blanche Gaudi


Treasure colours
New Terracotta has its core strength in the wide knowledge of colours. We are always ahead of different colour expressions.
A colour reaches its maximum when the pigment has been developed to the highest emotional resonance for that colour. There is so much more to our work than fine raw materials and high pigment loads.

At New Terracotta, we are forging together the right balance of pigment, glaze, history, science and emotion.

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