New Terracotta

A deep, rich, curated colour palette, rendered and perfected over the years. Differences between colour, effects, and tones can occur from firing to firing or even within batches. We do not want to overcontrol glaze variation, but we welcome it because, in our opinion, this is relevant, elegant, and very New Terracotta.

Blends. 6 collages of bold colours, loud glazes and clean cuts that are anything but boring.

There may be some variation in the colours and textures of the actual product from what appears on the screen.
Blend Indigos
Blend Acquas
Blend BlackYellows
Blend Greens
Blend RedPinks
Blend Nudes
Colour Alchemists.

New Terracotta has its core in the wide knowledge of colours. Each of them has a historical and artistic background. We always try to be at the forefront of the various expressions of colour, forging the right balance of pigment, glaze, texture, history, science and emotion together.

If you are interested in colours outside of this glaze palette, feel free to inquire. We run glaze colour tests from our vast glaze library for a nominal fee. We suggest sending a paint swatch or Pantone colour number for us to see what glaze will match best for you.
Grout Colours.

Grout plays a vital role in the installation and finish look of your tile project.
The colour you choose for your grout can be just as important as the colour you select for your tile.

Can ́t find your colour?

We have plenty more in our archives!