Paulo Vale.

Portuguese Designer, Paulo Vale is an inventor, artist and sculptor before everything else.

Paulo Vale started by winning the first price in a contest for a public monument in the city of Lisbon, at the age of 24.
This enabled him to open his own studio, developing his own tools and techniques in the production of small scale objects and sculptures.

The bathroom accessory line, the phosphor ‘glow in the dark’ door handles and his unique interpretation of the oriental chopsticks are some of his designs. Paulo creates and supervises each and every product phase, from the initial sketch and prototype to the secret fabrication personal touch. To Paulo, giving that final touch is the key to design perfection.

Paulo Vale art works are regularly exhibited in museums and galleries in Lisbon, Oporto, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Courtrai, Amsterdam, London, Newport, Copenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Koln, Washington, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul.

Paulo has been working with New Terracotta from the very start, back in 2013.

Paulo Vale Collection.

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