New Terracotta


portuguese culture

We believe people prefer
handmade products.


Our over 142 dazzling glazes, produced by artisans using techniques passed down from generations.


Our unique blending of colours, shapes, textures and designs that makes up our collections.


Our ability to glaze “anything” ceramic, from tiles to objets d’art.

At New Terracotta we are devoted to making every single tile we produce a truly incredible experience.

The History of Azulejos

The AZULEJO is an expression of the Portuguese Culture, revealing some of its deepest roots.

Project Gallery

A curated list of projects that have helped to define the materiality of our tiles.

Bespoke Commissions

Our comprehensive bespoke design consultation service is all about personalisation.

Shop by Colour

The collection features 142 colours. Subtle, luminous, semi-transparent, deep and metallic.

Our Factory

New Terracotta is a profoundly Portuguese handmade ceramic project.
We are happy to tell you about our handmade production but actually we would prefer to show you.
You are always welcome to visit us for a first-hand impression.

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